3M™ Fire Barrier Tuck-In Wrap Strips and Rolls

Quick and easy! Eliminates the need for retaining collars, concrete screws, ladders, and other materials often required for bottom-side installations of plastic pipe.

  • Up to 3-hour fire ratings per ASTM E 814 (UL 1479)
  • Non-metallic listed applications include PVC, ccPVC, RNC and FRPP piping systems and HVAC line sets in concrete floor assemblies and concrete or gypsum wallboard assemblies (not for use with CPVC)
  • Available in 8 ft. roll which can be cut to length for larger sized (up to 8 in.) combustible piping penetrations and in 3 sizes of precut strips for nominal plastic pipe sizes of 2 in., 3 in. and 4 in.
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